A school should be a place not only a place of learning for children, but of safety and security.

Unfortunately, in recent times schools have become places where acts of unspeakable violence have taken place. Children of all ages and demographics are at risk. Shooting at schools have become an all too common occurrence, with names like Columbine, Sandy Hook and Red Lakes etched in our collective memory. They are an indictment against violence in this country, and an indictment on the safety and security of our children. Shootings at universities and colleges have also occurred on a regular basis, with the massacres at Virginia Tech and the University of Texas at Austin the bloodiest to date. Not only must schools contend with bullying, drugs, alcohol, theft, vandalism, arson and other criminal or antisocial behavior, but also with potential violence on a far greater scale, all too often perpetuated by students themselves. Security has to be of primary importance for any place of learning.

The services that OSP can offer our clients for schools, universities and colleges can include:

  • a fully integrated security risk assessment for the school
  • emergency routes and means of egress for students and faculty
  • considerations regarding the size and location of the school, as well as the demographic profile of the student body
  • assessment of adjacent and nearby road traffic and foot traffic relevant to the school’s security profile, as well as the local crime profile
  • access control measures, including during school hours, after hours and weekends, etc.
  • surveillance / CCTV / motion sensor and other allied capabilities, where needed and as appropriate
  • security personnel profiling / hiring / vetting
  • security-related training and sensitization for school faculty and administrative staff
  • at-risk profiling liaison with school counselors and psychologists
  • security profiles for other personnel and contractors for the school
  • liaison with local law enforcement and emergency services
  • security consultative inputs with school boards and parent groups

A school today cannot be considered a safe haven, tragic as that is. Instead, it needs to be considered as a place where students can learn and enjoy their student life in an environment that is as safe and secure as possible, whilst still fostering a sense of mutual respect and non-invasive authority and protection.

OSP’s philosophy is that we value the contribution that schools make to our society. We provide our esteemed clients in schools with security solutions that are customized, respectful and sensitive to the needs of the school. The security planning that we can provide will be the best of its kind. We will provide school security to the highest standard, as befitting of what OSP stands for. It is what we do – and we do so with pride and conviction.

Make your security a top priority