Condo Security

Owning a condo or living in a high-rise building is a dream for many people. Condos and high-rise apartments can range from the modest to the ultra-luxurious and swanky. What these offer is a specific type of lifestyle that appeals to a certain type of person – often young and upwardly mobile. Condo and high-rise living is also perceived to be safer and more secure – after all, one has all those people living in close proximity, right?

However, condo and high-rise living are not without their risks. Living in a standalone house or home remote from neighbors may be more potentially dangerous than living in a condo development or high-rise building, there are still burglaries, assaults and even violent home invasions that take place in condos and high-rise apartments. A woman was attacked in the garage of her condo complex in Belleville, Ill. in May 2016, whilst a young girl was sexually assaulted in a high-rise apartment complex in Chicago in June of 2015. Safe as they may be perceived to be, the lifestyle that condos and high-rise apartments are clearly not exempt from security risks, and due diligence needs to take place.

That is why the services that OSP can offer condo and high-rise owners and management teams could be beneficial as they can include:

  • a fully integrated security risk assessment for the condo or high-rise
  • considerations regarding the size and location of the condo or high-rise building, as well as the tenant mix thereof
  • assessment of adjacent and nearby road traffic and foot traffic relevant to the condo or apartment high-rise’s security profile
  • a security gaps and needs analysis for the condo or apartment high-rise
  • access control measures
  • emergency routes and routes of egress from a condo or high-rise building
  • surveillance / CCTV / motion sensor and other allied capabilities and needs
  • doorman / caretaker security-related analysis and viability
  • security personnel profiling / hiring / vetting, where required or viable
  • illumination surveys, especially with regard to security and secondary lighting in key or remote areas of buildings

Neither condo or high-rise apartments owners or respective management teams can afford to be lax about security within condo buildings and apartment high-rises. Furthermore, tenants of condos or high-rise apartments are well-protected by law with regard to their safety and security within condos and high-rise buildings, for which owners and management teams could be held liable for breaches thereof.

OSP’s commitment is to provide our esteemed clients who own or manage condos or high-rise buildings with security solutions that are customized to suit a specific condo or high-rise. The security of these apartments and buildings is our objective and what drives the service that we provide. It is what we do, which we do with pride and conviction.

Make your security a top priority