Any residential community should be a place of safety as it should engender a feeling of community spirit within those who live in the area. Owning a large estate, home, condo or renting an apartment is a dream for many people.  Either of those properties can range from the modest to the ultra-luxurious and swanky.  Studies have shown that neighborhoods with strong community security programs in place can help in valuing real estate and the appeal of said living spaces for prospective buyers and families.

OSP realizes that residential security groups may need external assistance so that their security programs can be more effective.  Services in this regard that OSP can offer include:

  • a fully integrated security risk assessment for the designated neighborhood or community
  • considerations regarding the size and location of the community, apartment, neighborhood, as well as the demographics thereof
  • assessment of adjacent and nearby road traffic and foot traffic relevant to the residential security profile
  • a security gaps and needs analysis for the entire community
  • surveillance / CCTV / motion sensor / booms and other allied security capabilities and needs, if so viable and needed
  • private security provider viability assessment
  • assistance with private security personnel profiling / hiring / vetting
  • illumination surveys for sidewalks, paths, parks and other green areas, communal areas, etc. in the neighborhood
  • liaison and response profile with local law enforcement
  • drawing up of mutually agreed security policies, rules and allied inputs

Every community has the right to feel safe and secure. Citizens should be encouraged to participate in a collective security scheme that is beneficial to all and raises security in a given area. And they can better accomplish this by using OSP.

OSP’s commitment is to provide our esteemed clients who wish to partner with one of our Residential Security programs with security solutions that are relevant to the given area. It is what we are about and what we do – with pride and conviction.