Train Terminal Security

Whilst the transportation focus for national security tends to be primarily on airports, train terminals are no less at threat. And because they are less patrolled by law enforcement and have far less stringent security measures in place than do airports, train terminals could be considered particularly ‘soft’ targets for serious attacks. This is the opinion of many experts, according to a New York Times report in December 2015. However, train terminals can be afflicted by other, still serious crimes. Robberies, theft and pilfering and even heists of individual rolling stock or entire terminals are an all too real possibility at any train terminal, large or small. Passengers are also at threat of theft of their property, pickpocketing and assaults. Vandalism is also rife at train terminals, which are most vulnerable to these crimes late at night. That is why a precise and comprehensive security plan is so critically important for a train terminal. That is where OSP can step in.

OSP can offer train terminal clients a range of services, including:

  • a security risk assessment and management system / plan for the terminal
  • security gap analysis for the terminal
  • security management with the context of the terminal’s safety system
  • assessments pertaining to important facility security factors such as:
    • standing rolling stock
    • passenger entry and exit points
    • electronic controls, alarms and CCTV surveillance, including security video analytics, in the terminal area, on platforms and at key points in the rail yard and at railway sidings
    • the control room / center for the train terminal
    • site-wide security, including entire rail yard
    • exclusion zones in and around the rail yard
    • access points in and around the rail yard and near rolling stock
    • security at storage and engineering depots
    • security at electricity sub-stations, switching gear, etc.
    • liaison with law enforcement, as well as private security firms for the train terminal

Train terminals cannot afford to be lax or complacent about their security management, particularly within the context of national security and serious crime. A proactive and appropriate security management system is what any train terminal requires.

OSP’s promise is that we provide our train terminal clients with security solutions that are customized and add value. These solutions that we provide are in line with the latest trends and needs analysis for the rail industry. We provide services that are specific and of the highest standard, as is befitting of OSP.  It is what we do, with pride and conviction.

Make your security a top priority