Maritime Port Security

Ports account for a huge portion of the U.S. economy. World Maritime News reported that from 2007 to 2014 the total economic value that U.S. coastal ports provide in terms of revenue to businesses, personal income and economic output by exporters and importers rose 43 percent to $4.6 trillion. This accounted for 26% of the nation’s $17.4 trillion economy in 2014. But ports are targets for crime due to all the merchandise and other cargo, even when containerized, on the docks and in storage depots at or near ports. For example, a violent and sophisticated heist took place at the cargo depot near the Port of Los Angeles in December 2010. This crime, known as “terminal robbery,” is typically done by highly organized gangs and is a means by which cargo thieves make off with goods valued at more than $10 billion nationwide every year. Theft and pilfering, especially from containers, as ‘inside jobs’ by port employees and contractors is also a significant risk at ports and depots.

OSP can offer ports a range of security-related services, including:

  • a security risk assessment and management system / plan for a port
  • security gap analysis for the port
  • security management with the context of the port’s safety system
  • assessments pertaining to important port security factors such as:
    • goods dispatch and receiving points
    • vehicle and pedestrian entry and exit points
    • procedures and policies for guards and truck and driver records
    • electronic controls, alarms and CCTV surveillance throughout the port, including security video analytics
    • security-controlled areas, including depots on or near the port
    • the control room / booth / center for the port
    • site-wide security within the context of safety management
    • container security and materials handling
    • designated security zones, including dock and storage areas
    • liaison between port authorities, shipping companies and agents, haulage companies, contractors at the port, etc.
    • possible need for anti-blast, anti-crash barriers for major or at-risk port terminal perimeters

It is obvious that any port terminal or port depot needs to have comprehensive security management in place. A proactive and appropriate security management system is what any port terminal needs, which is what OSP can offer. OSP’s Maritime operatives have extensive training and experience with civilian and/or military marine units. Furthermore, all of our agents are either certified PADI Rescue Drivers or Certified PADI Dive Masters.

OSP’s promise is that we provide our port terminal clients with security solutions that are customized for a specific port. These solutions that we provide are in line with the latest trends in the marine and ports industry. We provide services that are specific and of the highest standard, as is befitting of OSP. It is what we do – and we do so with pride and conviction.

Make your security a top priority