Airport Security

To say that security is of the highest priority at any airport in the nation is an understatement. Not only are airports hugely important for the movement of people and cargo, both national and international, but they are also prime targets for serious security breaches and acts of terror. All of the four attacks on 9/11 commenced at airports, whilst more recently international airports in Brussels, Istanbul and Karachi have been hit with horrendous terrorist attacks. Other breaches can include theft in the airport, smuggling of illegal goods and substances, assaults, etc. Airport security is a mammoth task, including in the cargo divisions. Possibly the most infamous heist of all was the robbery of cash and jewelry from a Lufthansa cargo plane at JFK Airport in December 1978, which was also a key plot point in Martin Scorsese’s classic mob film Goodfellas. For organized criminals, airports and cargo divisions can be easy targets.

OSP can offer airports and their cargo divisions a range of security-related services, including:

  • a security risk assessment and management system / plan for the airport
  • security gap analysis for the airport and cargo division
  • liaison with law enforcement agencies, including customs, airlines and other security-related agencies, both federal and state, as well as private
  • assessments pertaining to important airport security factors (at airside) such as:
    • vehicle and passenger entry and exit points
    • procedures and policies at cargo and baggage handling divisions
    • electronic controls, alarms, sensors and CCTV surveillance throughout the airport, including security video analytics
    • analysis of the airport security control room / center
    • site-wide security within the context of passenger, visitor and airport personnel safety management systems and policies
    • perimeter controls, including perimeter fencing, gates, access points, etc.
    • viability for or effectiveness of anti-blast, anti-crash barriers for major or at-risk airport terminal, cargo and parking perimeters and other critical points

It is beyond obvious that any airport and its cargo division will need to have comprehensive security management in place. Anything less than highly stringent and comprehensive security can have enormous security implications, both to people and property. A proactive and appropriate security management system is the least that an airport should command.

OSP’s promise is that we provide our airport and cargo clients with security solutions that are customized for a specific airport or air cargo division. OSP could be an invaluable supplementary partner to a large airport’s security apparatus, or provide the principal security management needs for a small regional or local airport. We would provide services that are specific to the aviation industry and of the highest standard, as is befitting of OSP.  It is what we do, with pride and conviction.

Make your security a top priority