Travel Security Services

Dignitaries, VIPs and executives will need to have travel that is well-planned, often well in advance.

Travel may be by commercial or charter flight, helicopter, train, road vehicle, by boat or other means. For example, if a charter flight is needed, OSP has partnered with Houston-based helicopter and jet charter companies to provide air transportation between Houston and other destinations. This service is offered with or without personal protection agents. Whatever the means of travel, there will need to be a focus on security considerations. People, especially VIPs and high-profile clients, can be most at risk when they are traveling or in transit. That is why travel planning must form part of the security management planning for a person, whether they be a dignitary, VIP or executive client, or a team of people thereof.

Think of OSP as an assistant travel agent service that makes a client’s travel even more safe and secure.

The security services that OSP can offer clients with regard to travel security include:

  • security risk profiling for the intended travel
  • travel mode/s of transport viability and security-related logistics
  • verification of travel plans
  • security sweep of intended mode of transport, if possible
  • risk profile for airports, airfields, stations, ports, helipads, roads and freeways, bridges, travel
  • locations, countries, etc. on an itinerary and enroute
  • liaison with travel agency, pick-up / limousine services, etc.
  • personal protection / bodyguard in transit
  • personal protection / bodyguard for an executive’s family in transit
  • assessment of business continuity planning of the client’s company
  • OSP agents must be in prime physical condition and have military and/or law enforcement training specific to their functional role within OSP, which will include those who may fly with a client on a charter flight
  • assistance with security assessments and surveys for client teams that may need to use specific mode(s) of transport

It is important to note that OSP can offer a discreet bodyguard service in which our undercover agents provide superior protection without being intrusive to our client’s activities when traveling or in transit.

These ‘plainclothes’ agents are able to blend in well. We also offer bodyguards in more commanding battle dress uniform, which can be used when a client needs a strong and visible security presence. We also offer an armed car service, as we know that our clients are most vulnerable when traveling or in transit. Additionally, all of our agents are Certified Emergency Vehicle Operators (EVOC) and are highly trained dignitary protection specialists.

OSP’s philosophy is that we provide clients with travel security planning that is customized and specific.

The guards and operatives that we can provide for clients in transit are the best in their field. We will provide these travel-related services at the highest standard, as befitting of what OSP stands for. It is what we do – and we do so with pride and conviction.

Make your security a top priority