Private Security

A bodyguard is the epitome of personal protection. A bodyguard or bodyguard detail should provide clients and their families with personal protection services that insure a client’s peace of mind, safety and security. High-profile people in particular are at risk of personal assault, kidnapping and being the victims of terrorist attacks. That is why having a bodyguard or a team of bodyguards can be so beneficial.  Many dignitaries, VIPs and executives will very often opt for charter flights when needing to fly to a destination. There are many benefits to charter flights when compared to commercial flights and these include: Charter flights, unlike scheduled flights, don’t operate to a strict schedule, but are tailored to a client’s needs.

Personal Protection Services

The Personal Protection services OSP offers our clients include:

  • security risk profiling of the client
  • risk profile for locales, locations, venues, countries, etc. on an itinerary
  • bodyguard for a client
  • bodyguard for a client’s family
  • assessment of business continuity planning of the executive’s company
  • assessment of crisis management planning of the executive’s company
  • OSP bodyguards must be in prime physical condition and have military and/or law enforcement training specific to their role within OSP
  • high visibility = deterrence
  • liaison with local law enforcement agencies
  • assistance with in-house investigations and breaches for the VIP
  • active control measures with aggressive, persistent people, fans, etc.
  • assistance with security assessments and surveys for client teams that may need to use specific mode(s) of transport
  • assessment of business continuity planning of the client’s company
  • security sweep of intended mode of transport, if possible
  • risk profile for airports, airfields, stations, ports, helipads, roads and freeways, bridges, travel locations, countries, etc. on an itinerary and enroute
  • verification of travel plans