Restaurant Security

Who doesn’t love to eat out? No wonder that the restaurant industry in the United States is so huge. The industry was forecast to rise to more than $782 billion in 2016. The number of people employed in the restaurant industry was approximately 14 million people in 2015, and continues to grow. Restaurants are perfect places to socialize – where friends and family can have a special outing or get together to enjoy food and drink, or when any person can grab a quick bite to eat. And we don’t usually associate them with being security risks.

Well, we should. Although restaurants are not the public spaces most prone to violent crimes, they do nevertheless pose significant security risks for their owners and management teams. Restaurants are most prone to robberies, burglaries and theft. These are establishments, after all, that can accumulate significant amounts of cash in a few hours, whether they be an expensive eatery or a fast food joint.

Unfortunately, fast food establishments are most vulnerable to violent crime, especially given that so many are open long hours and more likely to be located in areas with higher crime rates. In-house pilfering by staff is also a significant issue in the restaurant trade.

OSP can step in and offer restaurant owners and management teams security solutions that could include:

  • a fully integrated security risk assessment for the restaurant
  • considerations regarding the size and location of the restaurant
  • local crime profile (different locations = different crime profiles)
  • typical demographics of restaurant guests and potential walk-ins
  • surveillance / CCTV / motion sensor and other allied capabilities and needs in the main eating area, front of house, kitchen, general walkways and corridors, etc.
  • burglary and theft potential gap analysis
  • inventory control and loss control measures
  • preparedness for a more hostile incident, e.g. major heist or invasion of the restaurant, violence by drunken patrons, etc.
  • security gaps and needs analysis for the restaurant
  • security in parking areas and parking lots, as well as pedestrian accesses
  • possible security personnel profiling / hiring / vetting
  • a ‘buddy system’ for restaurant staff entering or leaving an empty restaurant
  • training of restaurant staff on security issues, policies and preparedness
  • internal investigation policies and procedures by restaurant management, especially with regard to petty, non-violent incidents, whether by staff, contractors or patrons

Besides possible risks from theft, burglary and pilfering, restaurants are not generally perceived to be ‘security risks’. This is a mistake, as has been outlined. Not only a fast food establishment, but any restaurant should be security-savvy and security-ready.

OSP’s commitment to any restaurant, whatever type it may be, is that we will provide our esteemed clients with security solutions that are customer-oriented and customized to suit the restaurant. The safety and security of the restaurant, including staff, patrons and other visitors, is our overriding objective. It is what drives the excellent service that we offer the restaurant trade. This approach is what OSP stands for. It is what we do – and we do so with pride and conviction.

Make your security a top priority