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A museum is a place of culture, of history and of legacy. For many children, it is their first experience with art or celebrated events and people of the past. For many adults they too can be a place of wonder and learning, an oasis from the bustle of the outside world. Even the mundane and the ordinary have their place in museums, as artifacts of times gone by, from which we keep learning. Any museum is a venue of incalculable value to a community and to the people who visit and frequent it.

As is all too well known, museums are at huge security risk precisely because of the often priceless art, artifacts and other items of value that they house. From petty, opportunistic pilfering to large-scale and sophisticated robberies and heists, museums all over the world have been thus inflicted for many years.

The biggest museum robbery of all time took place in March 1990 at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, when two men dressed as policemen were able to steal art to the value of a staggering $500-million, including works by Vermeer and Rembrandt. Even the most famous painting of all, the Mona Lisa, caused an international sensation when it was brazenly stolen from the Louvre in Paris in July 1911. Museum robberies and security breaches are too often the grand prize for brilliantly adept thieves and criminal gangs.

OSP can offer the following museum security guard services:

  • a fully integrated security risk assessment for the museum
  • security gap and needs analysis
  • survey on escape routes and means of egress, including museum shutdown procedures and capabilities
  • surveillance / CCTV capabilities and needs, including motion detection sensors, vibration sensors, saturation motion sensors and other contemporary sensory-based technology
  • glazing assessment
  • illumination surveys, including for security and secondary lighting
  • security personnel profiling / hiring / vetting
  • security-related training for museum employees
  • in-house investigation policies and procedures, including petty incidents

Almost any museum today will have some form of security system in place. However, what needs to be asked is: how effective is the current security system in the museum? To what degree does it mitigate potential risks from theft, petty pilfering and vandalism to artworks and artifacts? Any museum that is failing to ask these important questions is at too great a security risk. OSP can assist both the prepared and the unprepared museum.

OSP provides our esteemed museum clients with museum security guard services that are customer service-oriented and entirely customized to the museum’s exact and unique requirements and reality. This service is intrinsic to everything we do. We understand that a museum must be both highly secure and readily accessible to those who wish to visit it. Our security guard offerings to a museum would only be at the highest standard, as befitting what OSP stands for. It is what we do – and we do so with pride and conviction.

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