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Optimum Security Professionals offers movie theater security guard services to the Greater Houston area. Get the best protection and customer service from our movie theater guards by getting a free consultation. Secure your movie theater today!

Going to the movies is as American as apple pie. It has been one of our favorite past-times since the early 20th century, and, even with the advent of television and the Internet, it continues to be a popular outing for many Americans. In the past, all that movie theater owners had to worry about was petty pickpocketing of patrons, vandalism and rowdy youngsters or other misbehaving moviegoers.

Unfortunately, all that has changed in recent years. Movie theaters have become as targeted as government buildings, airports, malls, churches and other public places with acts of violence, some of them unthinkable a mere generation ago. Most heinous was the July 2012 shooting and killing of 12 patrons inside a movie theater in Aurora, Co. It was a mass killing that stunned America and the world. In July 2015 a man shot and killed two and wounded nine in a movie theater in Lafayette, La. In July 2016, a woman, alone in an Indiana cinema with her son, was assaulted by a man. How could these crimes happen in a public space meant for family fun, enjoyment and relaxation? Unfortunately, it can.

OSP can offer the following movie theater security guard services, including:

  • a fully integrated security risk assessment for the movie theater complex
  • security gap analysis
  • survey on escape routes and means of egress
  • illumination surveys, including for security and secondary lighting
  • response time calculations in the event of an incident
  • crowd control measures
  • surveillance / CCTV capabilities and needs
  • possible security personnel profiling / hiring
  • security-related training for employees
  • in-house investigation procedures, including petty incidents

Today, any movie theater, whether a multi-theater chain or a standalone independent cinema, needs to take security issues and measures into due consideration. Anything less could be an unmitigated disaster for the movie theater owners should anything go awry.

OSP provides our esteemed movie theater security guard services and offer our clients with protection that is customer service-oriented. It is intrinsic to everything we do. The movie theater security guard services we could render would be customized and wholly focused on the unique attributes of each movie theater. This is our service to you at the highest standard, as befitting what OSP stands for. It is what we do – and we do so with pride and conviction.

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