Corporate Campus Security

A corporate campus is not only a place of work and business, but is also a window of that corporation to the world – to employees, to customers / clients, to contractors and to all visitors to the campus. Being the embodiment of the corporation, it is only obvious that it should also be a place of security and safety for all who work at or visit the campus.

A corporate campus, however, can be subject to many different breaches of safety and security. These can range from unwanted or undesirable people on the campus to more serious issues such as theft (either physical property or intellectual property-related), arson, vandalism, personal assaults and other criminal acts. Even the biggest corporate campuses can be at risk, as with Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA., which was attacked no less than three times in May and June 2016, including having its windows shot at and one of its electric cars on campus being firebombed.

The services that OSP can offer corporations with regard to their campuses can include:

  • a fully integrated security risk assessment for the corporate campus
  • considerations of campus size, location and demographics, as well as relevant business or industry sector, facility type and any relevant risk factors pertaining to neighboring or nearby businesses and landmarks
  • security gaps and needs analysis for the campus
  • access control measures
  • surveillance / CCTV capabilities and needs
  • illumination surveys, especially for security lighting in key areas that may be vulnerable, i.e.
  • remote on the campus, at night, etc.
  • security control room / center analysis and viability
  • security personnel profiling / hiring / vetting
  • security-related training for corporate employees
  • security-related induction requirements for visitors, where so needed
  • campus lockdown measures
  • security issues within the context of campus health and safety policies
  • in-house investigation procedures, including petty security incidents

A corporate campus should be a place of safety and security for all. Any modern campus owes having a fully comprehensive security management plan in place for all its employees, customers, contractors and visitors. The corporate image and brand should demand no less.

OSP’s philosophy is that we provide our esteemed corporate clients with security solutions that are customer-oriented and customized. The security of their corporate campus is our objective and commitment. OSP will provide the best corporate campus security service in the business, as befitting of what OSP stands for. It is what we do – and we do so with pride and conviction.

Make your security a top priority