Government Security

Government, whether federal, state or local, plays a pivotal and persistent role in all of our lives. We have interactions with government department entities all the time. Government buildings and offices are frequented by people needing to renew their driver’s licenses, pay their taxes, query municipal rates, attend a court appearance or do jury duty, apply for zoning, participate in a public hearing before a state committee, pay for entrance into a national park – the list is endless. Being the embodiment of state power and authority, government buildings can be the focus of protests, as well as criminal and even terrorist threats. Of course, the most horrific attack against a government building in this country to date was the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in April 1995, in which 168 people were killed. Every time there is a terror alert, government buildings have their security stepped up. Sometimes, the assistance of private companies like OSP can add value to this security.

The services that OSP can offer our clients in government can include:

  • a fully integrated security risk assessment for the government facility
  • emergency routes and means of egress for all staff and visitors
  • considerations regarding the size and location of the facility
  • a local crime profile
  • an assessment of adjacent and nearby road traffic and foot traffic relevant to the facility’s security profile
  • access control measures, including during operating hours, after hours and weekends, etc.
  • surveillance / CCTV / motion sensor and other allied capabilities, as needed and as area-appropriate
  • security personnel profiling / hiring / vetting
  • security-related training and sensitization for all government and contractor staff for the facility
  • security profiles for other personnel and contractors for the school
  • liaison with local law enforcement and emergency services, including HAZMAT
  • assessment for anti-blast, anti-crash barriers for major or high-risk government facilities

Government buildings and offices, as well as all government-related structures and points of reference with the public, are at constant risk from terror threats and all homeland security-related risks. That is why it is imperative, more than ever, for any physical embodiment of government which is staffed and which is visited by the public must have a fully comprehensive, tough security management system in place.

OSP’s philosophy is that we value and respect the contribution that government make to our society. We provide our esteemed clients in government with security solutions that are customized, respectful and sensitive to the needs of national, state and local security. We will do so to the highest standard, as befitting of what OSP stands for. It is what we do, with pride and conviction.

Make your security a top priority