Private Event Security

A private event is exactly that – private. The event can be for anything ranging from a private party or celebration by family and friends or for a corporate get together to a fundraiser or special event for a club or organization. These events should usually be fun and attended by people who have been invited. However, even at these events things can go wrong: uninvited guests or gatecrashers may turn up, pilfering can occur and cars and personal items can get stolen from the venue where the event may be taking place. Since no two private events are identical, so planning of any private event must take the unique attributes of the event into due consideration.

OSP can assist in offering any type of private event the following security solutions:

  • pre-event planning and security assessments
  • liaison with event planners, location management, etc.
  • access control and verification of guests
  • discreet handling of uninvited guests or gatecrashers
  • front of house security
  • mobile security guards
  • liaison with event contractors
  • emergency and evacuation planning
  • emergency service and law enforcement liaison
  • patrolling parked vehicles
  • state-of-the-art monitoring and GPS imaging through our mobile Command Center, if needed for a larger or more exclusive event
  • uniformed bike patrols for large corporate events where quick response time is imperative
  • keeping an eye on event items, property, props, etc.
  • handling of unruly behavior, alcoholic outbursts, etc.
  • monitoring of children and pets if in a private residence

Any private event, big or small, should run smoothly. It should not turn into a disaster due to some security mishap or breach. That is why it is a good idea for a private event to consider having professional security management throughout the event planning phase and the event itself. OSP is that discreet, professional and friendly security service.

OSP’s commitment to any private event is that we will provide our esteemed clients with security solutions that are customized to suit the event’s needs – in the most professional, friendly way possible. The safety and security of an event is our objective. It is what we do – and we do so with pride and conviction.

Make your security a top priority