Tradeshow Security

Conferences and trade shows form part of the exhibitions, conventions and meetings industry, which involves the gathering of groups of people for a common and specific, usually for a themed or topical interest, such as for commercial or industry / profession-related purposes or for hobbies and the entertainment industry. As of June 2014, there were 256 convention centers in the United States, of which Texas alone had 20. These events and venues can fall victim to crime. The typical criminal activity at conferences or tradeshows are robbery, theft and pilfering, either of exhibitor’s products or props at booths or stands or items or props stolen from the event’s venue itself. Merchandise can be stolen from unlocked trailers in marshaling yards, or pilfered from in-booth meeting rooms, and products taken from rolling display cases en route to the dock after shows. Vandalism can also occur. As with any public space where large numbers of (often distracted) people congregate, these events need appropriate security management – such as that offered by OSP.

OSP can offer a conference / tradeshow the following security solutions:

  • pre-event planning and security assessments
  • liaison with venue planners, convention center management, etc.
  • access control and verification of attendee credentials, if needed
  • liaison with relevant contractors at the conference center
  • emergency and evacuation planning
  • assessment of all means of egress from the conference venue / center
  • liaison with local law enforcement and emergency response
  • patrolling parking lots and areas
  • inventory and exhibitor / conference venue property oversight
  • PA system assessment for viability, sound checking, etc.
  • uniformed bike patrols for large conferences or tradeshows where quick response time is imperative

A conference or trade show should be a pleasant, positive experience for all exhibitors and attendees.

Petty security breaches may be unavoidable, but crimes like theft and pilfering cannot be allowed to get out of control. That is why security management is of primary importance at conferences and tradeshows.

OSP’s commitment to any conference or tradeshow is that we will provide our esteemed clients with security solutions that are customized to suit the exact needs of the event and the venue. The safety and security of a conference or trade show, including exhibitors, attendees and all venue personnel, is our objective. It is what we do – and we do so with utmost pride and conviction.

Make your security a top priority