Church Security

A church is a place of worship. It is a place of community. It is a place of refuge. For centuries, churches have been places of sanctuary and safety – for many, it was their last hope from persecution or hunger or a lack of shelter. People would attend church not only out of faith and belief, but also out of comfort and sometimes to simply be there. Such was the power of a church.

For many people, that is still the case today.

Unfortunately, as with so many public spaces in today’s far more violent society, churches are no longer exempt from violence and attack. What would have been unthinkable a mere generation ago is now reality. The tragic killing of nine people during a prayer service at a Methodist Episcopal church in Charleston, S.C. in June 2015 shook America to the core. It served as a stark reminder of just how vulnerable churches can be to acts of senseless, ungodly violence.

The services that OSP can offer our church clients include:

  • assisting with a church security plan
  • an evacuation plan in the event of an incident during Sunday or other services
  • an assessment for the installation of video surveillance (both inner and outer parameter) at the church
  • how best to install emergency lights if needed
  • a viability assessment of existing lights
  • train church leaders on how to respond to emergency situations
  • all of the above consultative process will be based on a thorough walk-through of the premises
  • appropriate feedback to church leaders

Texas is a land of many churches and massive megachurches, who simply cannot afford to be lax about security. This is as true for synagogues, mosques, temples or any other public places of worship.

OSP’s philosophy is that we provide our esteemed clients with protection that is customer service- oriented. It is intrinsic to everything we do. Professional security for churches is what we guarantee, tailored to the church’s specific needs. The security planning that we can provide will be the best of its kind. We will provide church security to the highest standard, as befitting what OSP stands for. It is what we do – and we do so with pride and conviction.

Make your security a top priority