Asset Protection

The protection of assets is at the heart of the security industry; in that it is what we do even while you are away. A security guard is someone who protects the property in which he or she works. An armed security officer is any person who has the license to carry a weapon, ranging from a club or baton and pepper spray can to a firearm, while carrying out his or her duty of protecting individuals or a client’s property. For any community or workplace, off duty police officers are valuable components to any security plan. Their skills and tactical knowledge are the result of rigorous training and invaluable experience gained by policing in what can often be tough, stressful situations. There is also an innate discipline about a police officer that can set them apart from other security personnel. The presence of our security professionals and off-duty police personnel act as a deterrent for criminal behavior in areas that are prone to shoplifting and other crimes against establishment owners, employees, patrons and visitors. Venues that could benefit greatly from our comprehensive security plans include malls, strip malls / shopping centers, retail shops, hyper stores, financial institutions, supermarkets, entertainment and family venues, restaurants, parks, conferences and trade shows, private functions and parties, corporate campuses and offices, corporate functions, private estates, golf and country clubs, apartment buildings, condo complexes, local or small-scale sporting events, cultural events, political events and galleries, to name a few.

The services that an unarmed security guard that OSP offers clients could include:

  • visibility – a security ‘presence’
  • vigilance
  • rapid response in the event of a crime being committed to alert law enforcement or emergency response
  • observing and reporting where required
  • crowd containment
  • private / corporate events security
  • traffic control and direction
  • passive crowd control
  • vehicle patrols
  • assistance with in-house investigations
  • receiving of guests / attendees into buildings or at events
  • each security specialist provides daily activity reports, which are compiled into an individualized site report that is distributed on a monthly basis
  • additional administrative duties
  • ‘spot checks’ by OSP’s management team of our guards at client sites to ensure that they are acting in a manner in accordance with their duties and with OSP’s mission.